What Is a Harness Bra and What Are Its Features?

What Is a Harness Bra and What Are Its Features?

Designer Prabal Gurung was the first to decide to use the harness bra in women’s wardrobes. Following him, other designers and stylists adopted this accessory. According to MarieMur.com, by 2018, this decorative element is firmly entrenched in the lives of fashionistas who wear it with simple plain T-shirts and with luxurious evening dresses.

What is a Women’s Leather Harness Bra?

The harness bra is made of interwoven leather straps that are attached to the belt. There is endless debate about its origin. So, for example, someone claims that a leather chest harness for girls is part of the military-style, implying a combination of elegance and self-sufficiency of a modern woman.

Someone thinks that this element of the wardrobe comes from men, since as it is known earlier this element of the wardrobe was worn only by men. It was a leather product made of belts that was part of a military uniform. This accessory made it possible to carry satta matka edged weapons at a maximally safe level. It looked rather brutal, which emphasized the masculinity and courage of the military.

Gradually, the military industry developed and the harness was supplemented with other decorative elements. And over time, it turned into a feminine version – a stylish, catchy decoration. The experts of MarieMur.com indicate that womens leather harness bra today can easily replace any jewelry.

Features of the Accessory

The chest harness is usually made of genuine leather. There is no functional purpose of the accessory, today it is just a decoration of modern fashionistas. And despite the fact that this decorative element is quite brutal, it is successfully combined with an evening dress and casual outfits. It elegantly emphasizes feminine lines, makes the body elegant, adding mystery and individuality.

Harness Bra Wearing Rules

Strappy harness accessories are suitable for everyday wear, but they should be used provided that you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. For example, a harness on the legs emphasizes the dignity of appearance, gives originality, and makes the image memorable.

An accessory with a coat or a raincoat is an unlimited option, especially if you choose the simple top dress of a laconic form. Fitted styles look elegant if they are decorated with a harness.

A harness worn on a white shirt looks extravagant and sophisticated at the same time. A boring office look, diluted with this accessory, takes on an interesting shade. You can also combine a harness with a plaid shirt and jeans with sneakers, or a blouse in a small flower, a wide skirt to the floor, and sandals.

A women’s leather bandage over a romantic lace floor-length dress will only emphasize the elegance of the girl. Leather accessory embroidered with small beads will add elegance to a little black dress. A beige fitted dress with a black leather belt looks very good.

The harness bra is the original element of the wardrobe. If you want to choose a quality product for yourself, visit the site MarieMur.com and buy the best accessory.