Top 6 Martial Arts For Every Women’s Self-Defense

Best self-defense Classes for Women in Bangalore | Places to Explore,Extra  Curricular | MomspressoWhile reporting gender violence issue in the World Health Organization back in 2017, it was reported that one in every three women go through physical or sexual abuse in their like globally. To figure out a solution for such an issue one must understand that the solution has to be on both ends. People must be taught sex education and individual gender rights to be aware of. Along with that women must learn to defend themselves in case of any attack or misconduct. To figure out which game suites the best for self-defense for women, the best game in terms of the right psyche and the right moves can be none other than martial arts. Martial arts has a vast range of forms. After going through each category, we came up with a few best categories that are easy for every woman to learn and execute in a crisis.


Let’s start with a sport that uses punches and kicks to defend and joint locking throws that will help in making the right moves at the right moment. Being originated in Russia there are not a lot of schools that teach this art right now. But if you find any, this should be on the top priority. This sport required the use of Gi just like in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and it has a huge part to play in the whole game. It protects an individual to build the right posture and protects from any sort of injury with the help of BJJ rash guards.

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Luta Livre

This form of martial arts is a mixture of wrestling and judo. With the combination of these two games, this art form is what makes Luta livre a lethal game for self-defense. This game might not give the opponent any chance and will surprise the opponent. Being a similar art to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu it is not performed in a Gi.

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Wrestling has its roots in the rural side of India, wrestling requires to bend and toss other humans, at least twice their size to the ground if practiced and learned properly. The attacking tactic in this game is to go for the waist area of the opponent to put a lock through their opponent’s abdomen.

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Boxing is considered one of the most effective martial arts. Although it doesn’t involve attaching of defending from legs. It still has one best outcome using fist and arm strength. The major boxing techniques for attacking and defending are punching and hooks which are further developed into defending tactics. The movement of legs allows the right posture and support the punching style to improve more power and apply more strength.

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Over a while, many forms of fighting styles evolved, especially Brazilian Jui-Jitsu or BJJ, boxing, Muay Thai, and combined all the attacking and defending strategies to make one martial arts style that is the most popular lethal sport of all time. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) involves both hands, arms, legs, and feet to attack the opponent. The technique of this game will teach you how to deal with a complete package of full power and fighting tactic in an encounter. MMA is a popular sport that can be easily learned in all parts of the globe.

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Muay Thai

With a 400 hundred years-long combat history of this sport. Muay Thai is now the national sport of Thailand. Also recognized as the game of 8 limbs, Muay Thai is one of the most calculated types of combat sport. The 8 limbs mean the use of hands, arms, elbows, knees, fist, and feet to blow the attacking ability of any opponent and deliver the best defensive and attacking strategies that don’t allow the opponent to even think of the next move.

What makes the learning of this art the most important for every woman is that no matter how many law enforcement is done to overcome these issues. Some people will still be out there to make this world not the best place for many women to be here. While many women raise their voice against gender violence, it is also important to be prepared for worse conditions.