Temple Jewelry and Representing Indian Culture

Temple jewelries are not just helping the wearer creating a lasting impression and statement but this type of jewelries also represents their culture, origins and religion based in India that are unique and a great ornament that goes well into Indian wardrobes such as silk robes, anarkali suits and similar clothing. Read more to learn more about temple jewelry!

What is a temple jewelry?

Temple jewelry is originated in South India during the 9th century. In order to protect their jewelries, they use it to beautify the idols of gods and goddesses.

Temple jewelry is among one of the three types of traditional Indian jewelry. These types are the spiritual jewelry, bridal jewelry and the temple jewelry.

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Temple jewelries are often depicted and worn as charms since according to the Indian superstition, these jewelries bring and attract you good luck. These types of jewelry are usually made out of pure gold or silver because back in time, there are many talented craftsmen and jewelers in South India who are making jewelries for the monarchs and only the finest metals and ores are used to appease the monarchs since gold and silver represents wealth and high standing in their caste system.

You can wear the temple jewelry in two ways. One, is the regular temple jewelry used for baby showers or other festivals. Two, is the occasional temple jewelry that is only used for cultural/ classical dances and wedding that only the bride can wear the jewelry.

Temple jewelries are also diverse when it comes into forms. They often come as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even nose rings

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Nowadays, temple jewelry is now a rising fashion trend amongst women in 21st century because of its unique designs that mix well into Indian formal outfits, this means that temple jewelry is not just limited for ceremonial purposes but to be create fashion statement as well

Where to buy Temple Jewelry?

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