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7 Trendy Sporty Chic Outfit Ideas

Fashion trends can be so exciting and not just what comes off the top designer runways each season. One of the latest trends to hit the scene is sporty chic, which combines sportswear pieces with street-style influence. This sophisticated look is perfect for stylish women on the go. It’s practical, functional and fabulous-looking. It’s also a casual aesthetic that is ideal for traveling, heading to any outdoor activities, running errands or going to a casual lunch.

Sporty chic can include thin layers, washable fabrics and cool details such as thumbholes on sweatshirts. A crossbody bag and a fitness watch are just two of the accessories that help define trendy sporty chic fashion. The vibe is centered around comfortable and breathable pieces. A quality pair of shaper shorts underneath your outfit offers the stretchiness and support that can give a sporty chic outfit a polished look.

1. Cargo Pants

Think about cargo pants for a moment. Their versatility is unmatched, and the multiple pockets are the kind of details this trendy style is all about. Cargo pants come in more than just camo prints. You can pick up a pair in a number of solids such as tan, black and ivory. There are also cargo pants with wide legs and a high waist. Designers like Miu Miu, Stella McCartney and Coperni are into the utilitarian vibe at the moment and are loving cargo pants. These fun throwback trousers provide a good option for creating that sporty-chic aesthetic.

Pair your cargo pants with a short-sleeved tee, aviator shades and a pair of sneakers, and you’re good to go.

2. Lightweight Hoodie

Hoodies don’t have to be oversized, frumpy and sloppy-looking. If you want to nail a sporty chic vibe, try a lightweight hoodie made of cotton knit. It can act as the ideal summer layer for warmer weather. Another great feature of a lightweight hoodie can come from its silhouette. Many cute hoodies are fitted and fashionable without the bulk of heavy fabric.

A lightweight hoodie looks lovely with a pair of shorts or loose-fit jeans and a pair of bright slip-on sneakers.


3. Ballet Flats

Comfort is key, and the footwear you choose for building a trendy sporty chic ensemble shouldn’t include sky-high stilettos. Street style is hot for ballet flats, and these elegant but low-maintenance shoes look fantastic with nearly any casual outfit. You want a pair of shoes that look good but can still take you on an adventure when the impulse strikes.

If ballet flats seem too youthful or casual for you, you have other options. Boat shoes, moccasins, sneakers, hiking boots and duck boots also fit the bill. This footwear looks fabulous with loose jeans, cargo pants and more.

4. Henley Shirt

When it comes to a classic and sporty casual chic look, the Henley shirt can lay the foundation for a wonderful ensemble. To create sleek, smooth lines, consider adding a piece of quality shapewear for women that gives you confidence and comfort, particularly when layering. A white Henley top is another option from the typical T-shirt and offers attractive details with buttons for an adjustable neckline. It can be tucked in and out of shorts and pants. You can layer a utility vest over it. A Henley shirt looks modern and chic with loose-fit jeans, ballet flats or even moccasins.

5. Utility Vest

Here’s another lightweight layering piece that embodies that trendy sporty chic vibe. The utility vest can take you on an adventure at a moment’s notice and will usually offer many pockets for storing your essentials. It can look dressed up or dressed down depending on the fabric and fit. Some come at hip-length, while others are designed for midi and maxi lengths.

A utility vest looks awesome to wear for a hike, to a tennis match, or just out and about when running errands. Again, it’s comfy and versatile. It looks amazing over a T-shirt, chambray shirt or even a lightweight hoodie for cooler days. Sneakers, ballet flats, slip-ons and hiking boots all accentuate a utility vest. You can find this type of garment in a large assortment of colors, too.

6. Tennis Skirt

Workout skirts and dresses have also been making the rounds of street style, and the tennis skirt seems to be a favorite. You will see this type of playful skirt on women of all ages off the court. They’re great to wear on hot days because the fabric design offers breathable material with sweat-wicking technology.

Tennis skirts come with pretty pleats or without and in tons of colors and patterns. They look terrific with a cropped polo shirt and your favorite trainers. Add a pair of cool Wayfarer sunglasses and a small tote. Jewelry such as small hoops and delicate chains make up the sporty-chic aesthetic.


7. Denim Shirt Dress

This is a modern classic that also defines trendy sporty chic. The denim shirt dress is simple, attractive and flattering on every figure. It looks lovely with just about any footwear options mentioned above. Sneakers, moccasins and ballet flats do not disappoint, and you can also layer the dress with a lightweight cardigan. Add a cute crossbody bag, and head out the door. A denim shirt dress would look nice at the office on casual Fridays, for instance.

The beauty of denim is in its sporty fabric. It’s not a high-maintenance material. As a dress, skirt or loose-fit jeans, denim will never steer you down the wrong fashion path. It’s made for sporty chic styling, and there’s a denim outfit for every individual on the planet.

Take on This Trend With Balance and Confidence

You don’t need a fashion degree to build a trendy sporty chic wardrobe. It’s all up to your personal preferences and adding light layers that are inspired by the street style you see and the athleisure fashion that has dominated the runways since the early 2000s. Be bold and go forth!