4 Cozy Wardrobe Essentials You Need This Winter

Winter is the perfect season to get creative with your personal style! Whether you’ll be spending most of your days relaxing at home or enjoying the fresh air in nature with some fun outdoor activities, there’s no better time to bring rich textures, trendy layers and bold colors into your cold wardrobe.

From comfy loungewear that looks great on long Zoom calls to a trendy puffer jacket that keeps you warm and fashionable even while it’s super cold, here are four cozy wardrobe essentials you need this winter.

Stock Up On Cute Sweaters In Different Colors, Silhouettes And Patterns.

There’s really no better season than winter to snuggle up in tons of cozy layers! Sweaters aren’t all the same, though, so it might take a little bit of searching to find a few options that fit your style and make you smile.

  • Cute sweaters are extra comfy in oversized silhouettes, but be careful to choose pieces that are meant to have a looser fit so that the proportions are still balanced.
  • Lighter weight sweaters in jewel tones are more versatile than you might think. They can be easily dressed up for a fancy occasion or paired with jeans for a comfy-casual look.
  • Cardigans in chunky knits and neutral colors make the perfect layering pieces for busy WFH days.

Sweaters are timeless and versatile, so investing in a few you love now is totally worth it for the many years you’ll get to love them later!

Sweatsuits Have The Potential To Become Your New Go-To Weekend—or WFH—Uniform.

When it comes to lounge clothes, sweatsuits tend to come back in style every couple of decades, and they’ve returned in a major way for 2021!

  • Pick a women’s pullover sweatshirt that fits across the shoulders and has sleeves that end at your wrists. When a sweatshirt is too far oversized, you risk your outfit being more loungy than you wanted.
  • When shopping for pants, pay attention to how they fit in the waist and around your legs. If you size up when you don’t need to, your pants may end up drooping in an unflattering way.
  • Many sweatsuits are designed as compatible tops and bottoms, but don’t be afraid of mixing and matching colorways. There are so many options out there to suit every setting.

If you’re hanging out around the house, a pair of fuzzy socks are really all you need to complete your look, but if you have more involved plans, you can always dress up your sweatsuit with a crisp pair of white sneakers and shiny gold or silver jewelry.

A Sporty Puffer Jacket Will Keep You Toasty Warm, Even When You Need To Brave The Cold.

One of the most important staples you could add to your winter wardrobe is your coat, and when it comes to sporty puffers, there’s a fine line between looking super stylish and like a big fluffy marshmallow. While you’re shopping for a new coat to add to your closet, pay special attention to color, fit and weight.

  • Black, navy and winter white make for a surprisingly sleek silhouette on a puffer coat. They’re great classics that go with anything, but pops of bright colors (like neon pink or highlighter yellow) offer an extra sporty touch.
  • Depending on where you live, you might decide a longer length puffer is a better option to keep you as warm as possible. If you are choosing a style that hits past your natural waist, consider a style that has drawstrings to better define your beautiful figure.
  • Some puffer coats are filled with down, while others get their warmth from synthetic fibers. Both can offer solid warmth and making a fabric selection is often a matter of personal preference.

Some sporty puffers look a lot warmer than they actually are! Be sure to try your favorites on and read customer reviews about them in advance to feel confident yours is going to withstand the cold days (and nights) of winter. While you certainly don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great quality coat, sometimes a price might, in fact, be too good to be true.

Step Out In Style With A Pair Of Durable Boots That Stand Up To Winter Weather.

What’s winter without a cozy pair of boots to get you from one place to another?! There are so many types of durable boots that can withstand inclement weather, but still look cute enough to wear as part of your outfit.

  • Lug sole boots are a huge trend for 2021, making sure you don’t sacrifice any style for function. Look for styles that are waterproof for an extra layer of protection on slushy days.
  • Classic snow boots have gotten major upgrades over the years and are now available in sleek hues like jet black, olive green and slate. If you experience particularly bitter winters, consider getting a pair that have a thick inner lining.
  • For fancier occasions, you might want a pair of boots that have higher heels. If you pick a pair of these, be sure to check that they have solid traction so you don’t slip!

Winter boots are typically durable enough to last for a few years and opting for more classic colors and silhouettes can help ensure yours stay in style for a while.

Feeling Cozy, Looking Cute

A lot of us fear that we might look frumpy if we dress for comfort, but thankfully, there are endless ways to style cute, cozy winter outfits that are anything but drab. The key to creating the best cold-weather looks is to have the right essentials on hand. Pieces that are both fashionable and functional will have you stepping out in style all season long!